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Youth Lacrosse of Minnesota (YLM) Information

This season we will be playing in the Youth Lacrosse Minnesota (YLM) league for boys.  A quick table is available below to give a quick overall of team makeup and rules.  The rules summary link below gives some more information on equipment and game rules, 

You can consult the complete rulebook for more information if needed.

The link to the YLM website is below.

Youth Lacrosse of Minnesota (YLM)

YLM boys 2017 information

Birth dates Division Grade Field Players Goalie Off-sides Pass Rule
6/1/2002-8/31/2004 14U 7th-8th Full 10 v 10 yes yes none
9/1/2004-8/31/2006 12U 5th-6th Full 10 v 10 yes yes none
9/1/2006-8/31/2008 10U 3rd-4th Cross 7 x 7 yes yes 2 completed
9/1/2008-8/31/2010 8U 1st-2nd Cross 5 x 5 no no 3 attempts